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Saturday, December 30, 2006

To Be Continued...

After over a year of blogging here about my book, I'm going to idle, though I'll keep tweaking the chapter resources and other links (and will add things under Comments). I'll also be adding an essay on the word heaven in the new year (update: now posted). And I'll keep thinking, reflecting, and nourishing my ever-prone-to-falter hope.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback so far, and keep 'em coming!

picture at YahooUpdate: Yes, that was the guy from my book cover at the home page recently, but no, the article wasn't about my book. Apparently, the company that supplied the cover photo for my book (given as Stockbyte Premium/Getty) supplied a similar shot for an article about the job market. Whoever that guy is, he sure is versatile -- he can contemplate heaven and worry about the job market with the same facial expression!


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