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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Preaching Apocalyptic resources online

Speaking of preaching Revelation, I do hope my book motivates pastors to crack open the often-neglected pages of the last book of the Bible, and commentaries on it. But for the real heavy lifting of exegeting and preaching these thorny texts, be sure to see resources from the Preaching Apocalyptic Texts conference held last year at Calvin Theological Seminary. I helped compile this resource site, which now includes the full text of all plenary addresses and sermons as published in the Calvin Theological Journal.

The opening plenary address by Gordon Fee was entitled "Preaching Apocalyptic? You've Got to Be Kidding!" Fee said his purpose was "to urge you to recapture this great book for the sake of the contemporary church, because here indeed is a biblical book that is not only worth recovering for today's church, it is absolutely crucial that it be heard in our day. Here is a truly prophetic word, spoken with power and insight into a world dominated by a secular power." Fee said his task was to "whet your appetite, create in you a longing to preach and teach" from Revelation, and to offer practical tips for doing so.

May this conference, and the reflections of all of us who have written about Revelation, help inspire the church to rediscover its witness and its future as revealed to John in this “awakening” (apokalypsis) letter.

Update: More here and here.


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