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Friday, September 01, 2006

Publisher's Weekly mention

Juli Cragg Hilliard interviewed me for this piece in Publisher's Weekly's Religion BookLine.

Books on Heaven Can’t Wait for Readers
by Juli Cragg Hilliard
Religion BookLine


At 26, Nathan Bierma, a Christian in the Dutch Calvinist tradition, seems young to be thinking about the next world. But the subject has fascinated him since at least high school, and he wrote Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: Connecting This Life to the Next (P&R Publishing, 2005) with college students and twenty-somethings in mind.

He says he started work on the book when the Left Behind craze was at its zenith. “I wasn’t trying to take on the Left Behind series, but I was saying there was a different vision of the end times and of eternal life in the Bible.”

Bierma believes everything we see here now—-culture, work, play, nature, sidewalks—-is a preview of a heaven that will be more meaningful than the conventional, vague visions of eternity. His message: “Take a new picture of heaven, and let that drive you in your daily life.”

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