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Monday, October 31, 2005

Used Copies?

I'm new to the publishing world, so I'm a little puzzled by the fact that within days of my book's release, you can order "used and new" copies of it.

Another novelty to this rookie author is Amazon's Suprise Me link, which generates a non-printable image of a random page. Could one, theoretically, and with great confusion, nonetheless read the entire book like this, page by page?

Reformation Day

Reformation Day 2005 is a fitting day to launch this blog for my book, which is steeped in Reformed Protestant theology (though useful, I hope, to believers of different Christian traditions, and to non-believers).

My aim in the book was to lay out a simple framework in plain language for connecting the reality of eternal heaven to our daily lives. Heaven is too important to neglect; we must nourish daily hope for its coming. Thoughts, questions, and comments on my book , and the topic it introduces, will follow here. Thanks for reading this blog, and maybe the book, too.